Friday, January 29, 2016

Siblings Weekend Scrapbook Part 2

Here is another page from the recent Siblings Weekend scrapbook I had made for Mark.

The page has the design of a thought bubble, which I used to frame the photo of Mark and his sister.

I used a piece of washi tape as a decoration at the top of the photo.

I used this little ticket stub embellishment to describe the moment / day / trip.

I also added this little tag, which someone stills need to fill in!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Siblings Weekend Scrapbook

Here is another page from the newest scrapbook I worked on.

This is a pretty simple page.  I used Simple Stories paper that already had a sentiment on it, as well as detailing that looked like other pieces of paper and washi tape.

I used a little of my own washi tape on the picture as well.  I placed the picture on the page slightly off-kilter.

I also placed the washi tape at an angle to add contrast to some of the printed detail on the paper.

The last touch is a punched out hexagon with some journaling from my sister-in-law.

Good question.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Scrapbook!

Earlier in the year Mark and my sister-in-law met up for a siblings weekend in Boston.  (Boston in January didn't sound appetizing to me, but apparently they had a great time!)

I got copies of their photos and made a scrapbook for Mark.  I started with a Simple Stories kit I had gotten from Archiver's, and then built off of that using other Simple Stories lines, and bound the whole thing with two binder rings.  Then I shipped the scrapbook off to Mark's sister, who did the journalling for it.

Below are some stickers from the Simple Stories travel line, and I used an airplane to "fly" over the cloud detail on the paper.

Look forward to more examples from this scrapbook to come!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Battle of the Hyphenated Last Name

When Mark and I got married, I was adamant that I was keeping my last name in my name, so hyphenating seemed like the way to go.  Mark, not to be one-upped (since he already had a hyphenated last name), added my last name to his middle name (yes, it’s hyphenated also!).
Why did I want to keep my last name as part of my married name?  One reason is because of my identity—to myself, to my family, and to my heritage.  My last name represented so solidly for me a part of who I was and am.  But Mark’s last name also represented our new life together, as partners, and that I was joining his family.  So, hyphenating seemed a good representation of this partnership.  (In writing this blog post, I read other blog posts, and there were a few articles that suggested that hyphenated names did not show unity between the couple.  I am not quite clear about the logic of this argument, since to me, having both names represented shows the unifying of two families.)
A second reason I was interested in hyphenating (as opposed to changing my last name to Mark’s name), was for professional reasons.  I had already published (albeit, in tiny, college-level journals), but I didn’t want my future self to have issues with a name change during the course of my writing career.  (Since my writing career has stalled, this doesn’t seem to be as critical, but one can dream.)
A lesser third reason is I’ve never been big on doing something just because it’s tradition or what everyone does.  I believe in doing the thing that rings true for me—which in this case was hyphenating my last name.
But, even though I have always used my hyphenated name on all correspondence with family and friends, no one ever seems to get it right.  At the end of our wedding ceremony, we had asked our priest to present us simply as “Mark and Christy,” instead of “Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So.”  This was done for logistical reasons (because saying Mr. Mark J-N and Mrs. Christy B-J is pretty awkward), but also because, regardless of what we were doing with our last names, saying “Mark and Christy” was the best representation of us.
I have, on many occasions, responded to wedding invitations writing in both of our full names (Mark J-N and Christy B-J), only to arrive at the reception to find a nameplate with Christy J.  At Christmas, cards come from friends and family alike addressed to Christy and Mark J.  (Even my own mother, who tried to discourage me from hyphenating because it would make my name too long, addresses it this way!)  I’ve even gotten shower invitations (from both sides of Mark’s family) addressed to Christy J.  Even more frustrating is when I’m on the phone making a hotel reservation or taking care of a bill, and I always both say and then spell out my whole last name, and inevitably, the guy (and believe me, it’s always a guy on the other end) says “ok, Mrs. J, thank you for that information.”

As someone with a Polish last name that people pronounced correctly only about 20% of the time, I will admit that I am a bit sensitive about my name.  But, as I explained above, your name represents you, who you are, and your identity.  If people aren’t getting your name right, it does feel a bit like they didn’t take the time or effort or care to make sure they identify you as you.  I try to always make sure I have people’s names correctly as they want to be called—not as I think or assume their name is—and all I ask is for the same curtesy.  Don’t call me Mark if my name is Christy-Mark! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Brooklyn Bridge

It's been awhile, but here is a scrapbook page from my New York scrapbook.  This page is from a walk my friend Holly and I took across the Brooklyn Bridge.

I used Thickers to do the title for this page, and I used the "B" as the anchor for both words.

Here is a photo of Holly being sassy as we cross the bridge.  I was a beautiful day, with a great blue sky.  I used a double-sided sheet that had blue in the flowers to match the sky.

When you open the page you find more photos, a tag, and a map of Manhattan.

I liked the way the lines for the bridge crossed each other, so I took this photo.  I used a paper with blue, green, and red circles as a matte because I thought the colors went well with the flower paper.

The journalling tag is blue as well, and has flowers, tying in these two elements.  (Although, I really should journal on this tag!)

From my many trips to NYC, I have lots of maps, so I used part of a Manhattan map where you could see the Brooklyn Bridge as part of the background.

Finally, a picture of me and Holly.  The matte is a teal that corresponds nicely (I think) with the blues.

I like the bold colors on this layout, and the element of the flap, which adds a little fun to the page, I think.  :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Staying Warm this Winter

This winter wasn't as bad as last winter, but there was still a spell when it was COLD!  Last winter, Nox had a little blanket that was supposed to be a baby blanket that Karen donated to Nox.  But since Nox is 3-4 times bigger than that cute little puppy he was last year, that blanket doesn't cover very much.  We have a lot of throw fleeces and throw blankets, so I donated one to Nox:

Because we actually have more than one red fleece blanket in the house, I wrote his name on this one so we wouldn't get confused.  (I'm going to try to stitch his name on, since I'm not sure if the magic marker will wash out when I wash the blanket.)  Anyway, the blanket helped to keep him warm, and when Mark and I wrapped up in our blankies on the couch, Nox also got to get wrapped up in his blanket.  :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

If Nox had a Mustache...

A couple of weeks ago we were hanging out with Mark's high school friend, Heather, and her family, and we all played a board game involving mustaches.  We decided this was the one that Nox would have, if he could grow one: