Sunday, October 05, 2014

A Tree Fell in Our Backyard!

In September there was a horrendous, windy storm, during which part of one of our trees in our backyard fell!  Luckily, the large tree branch (in the photo below) didn't damage our fence.  The branch was big enough to be it's own tree, and spanned about 2/3 of our backyard (look how small Nox is in comparison!).

My parents came over to help cut up the tree and clean up.  Murphy and Nox had so much fun playing in the tree while we were working on the clean-up (Murphy is here laying down in the tree).

Here's a photo of how lucky we were that the tree didn't actually fall onto the fence.  It was quite difficult to get the branch down without damaging the fence.

Here's Murphy in the tree.

Here's the beginning of the stack of firewood.

The branch (trunk?) was pretty large, and the age lines were pretty cool.

Here's a photo of my dad working on cutting up the main part of the branch for firewood.

Here is the increasing stack of firewood:

When the brush was getting thin and the dogs couldn't hide in the tree anymore, the dogs enjoyed chasing and chewing on all sorts of branches:

Here are the dogs romping around the yard and amid the piles of brush:

When the main branch / tree was cut up and we were working on cleaning up the brush.  It took awhile to clean up the brush...

But finally we got all the brush piles cleared, and I was finally able to mow the lawn, after about a month!

Here's the final stack of firewood:

It's quite a bit of wood!

And here is the stack of brush that we put out on the street for the October brush pick up.  The stack is taller than our mailbox and the width of the pile goes from the mailbox to our property line!

Saturday, October 04, 2014

True Love

This is a simple page layout I did for our wedding scrapbook:

The base page is from a Creative Memories line.

The matte is an invitation that I co-opted to frame the photo with.

I cut a red heart with my cricut machine, and I used sparkly white letters to make the title:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Riding the Subway

Here's another scrapbook page from my New York scrapbook.  Here we are on the subway with our New York friends:

I used a paper that had blue and green swirls (mimicking Becky's green coat and Carolyn's blue scarf).

And then a I used some pink paper to matte the photos to help offset them from the black background.

A little touch of journaling so we remember the context of the photos:

And an embellishment I do very rarely: a banner.  I used paper that was a light and muted to stand apart from the dark background, and it mimics the paper that I used for the journaling.

And one more photo of Mark with Becky and Carolyn.  :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Here's another article about diversity (this time, Being Black at UM) in Michigan, post-Prop 2.

If everyone agrees that diversity is important, then why does the law interfere to keep the status quo?

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Gratz Can Suck It Part 2

So, I made have more to add to this arena later, but here is more information from another Inside Higher Ed article in the realm of affirmative action, this time in regards to the University of Texas at Austin's use of race in admissions decisions:
diversity is a legitimate goal for a college to have for the way it educates all students
"Given the test score gaps between minority and non-minority applicants, if holistic review was not designed to evaluate each individual’s contributions to UT-Austin’s diversity, including those that stem from race, holistic admissions would approach an all-white enterprise,"
Fisher, the student involved in this lawsuit, stated:
"It is a shame that for the last six years, hundreds of UT applicants were denied admission because of UT’s racial and ethnic preferences."
I would like to point out that when admissions reviewers do not make a conscious effort to consider (non-white) ethnicity and race, the bias tends towards white males--in other words, hundreds of applicants who are not white males would be denied admission...Again, how easy it is to complain about this issue when you are among the privileged majority.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

#TBT: Nox

Here's our cute Nox from last fall--look how small he is in comparison to my parents' dog, Murphy!  And he had the cutest vest we had gotten him!

Here he is scoping out the leaves, which, for some reason, he loves.  He's too cute!  :)

Monday, September 01, 2014

Central Park

Here's another page layout from my NYC scrapbook:

I used DCWV paper for the base of the page.  I used yellow paper to mat the photo, and a little "makes me happy" sticker, to draw the eye to the group photo.

I used a journaling tag that utilizes some of the same colors that are in the base paper.  I used the tag to make a note about the location of the photos.

Here's a fabulous photo of Central Park, matted with orange paper.